About Us

Blanket Boss was founded by Barney Lopilato. Barney started working in his uncle’s factory in 1982, manufacturing sweaters for all the leading department stores and top designers like Macy’s, Walmart, and Donna Karen. They were innovators in that field. They were one of the first manufacturers to use an Apple II computer to program their machines. Back then they did not even have floppy disk they used to punch out the program into a paper tape and read the paper tape into the machine. When Barney’s uncle retired Barney took over the business but this was about the time the sweater manufacturing was starting to move overseas.

At this time Barney decided to use the equipment he had to try new things or go out of business. As the techno-age developed Barney was one of the first factures to take a photograph scan it into a computer digitize it and knit it into a blanket. At the same time he developed personalized baby blankets. The photo blankets were very successful in one hour photo stores. But as techno-age developed and the digital camera became popular one hour photo stores started to go out of business and there started to be a lot of competition in the photo blanket business. At this time Barney moved the factory from Queens, N.Y. to Greenwood Lake, N.Y. to be closer to his family and new born son and there was no need to be close to Manhattan because the fashion industry was leaving New York. At this time Barney started doing embroidery and screen printing on all kind of apparel like sports uniforms, golf shirts, school spirit and much more. He started embroidery and screen printing over 10 years ago and is very stable in that end of the business while still doing photo blankets and personalized baby blankets.

Today knit hats with pom poms on top are back in fashion and they are one of our best seller. We have many great customers that are loyal to us from the beginning and many new customers that are just coming aboard. With help from my family and friends I hope to be serving the Greenwood Lake area and abroad for a long time.

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